Rat Control and Pest Controllers

Its widely acknowledged that the rat population is on the increase due to several factors including the climate, their increasing resistance to poisons and the fact that many water companies and local authorities have cut back on sewer baiting contracts.

The cases of rat activity within properties is also on the increase as our adventurous fury friends find long established defective or poorly installed drainage systems that give them direct access beneath or adjacent to house floors and foundations.

Clearly the first phone call any hapless home owner will make after seeing evidence of rat activity or on hearing scratching noises in the walls or ceiling will be to a pest control contractor, and rightly so but how many pest control contractors are delivering a satisfactory service.

Any pest control contractor worthy of the title will look around the property for any obvious signs of access prior to laying bait or rat traps, if there are no signs of external entry and the rat ingress continues over several weeks or months surely pest control contractors should be steering the property owner towards a drain camera inspection.

It is estimated that 90% of rat ingress to properties is due to defective drainage systems yet we are contacted at www.draindomain.com on a weekly basis by people who have suffered months if not years of rat problems but have never been advised  to have the drains inspected.

There are certainly many pest control contractors who work with drainage companies in order to resolve a rat ingress problem as quickly as possible for the home owner, sadly though there are just as many who are happy to return to a property month after month rather than take the investigations to the next level.

Rather worryingly there was a recent post on Twitter by probably the UKs biggest pest control company giving their top ten tips to prevent rat ingress to properties,  there was not one mention of a defective drainage system or a drain camera inspection in the entire article.

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Change The Way We Buy & Sell Properties in 2014 ?

It appears that the property market is on the up and houses are selling again so is now the time to change how we buy and sell our homes.

As it stands the potential buyer has to pay to have numerous surveys undertaken which can and does lead to several thousands of pounds of outlay, if the survey results are not favourable the purchaser will at the very least start to negotiate the expected costs of any remedial works off the asking price, in the worst case scenario they will walk away from the sale and start the flawed process all over again with another property.

Surely it would make sense if the vendor had all the survey works undertaken before the house went on the market and the cost of the surveys could be added to the asking price, the vendor could then decide whether to have any necessary works carried out in order to meet the maximum property value or to sell as seen at a price reflecting the condition of the property at that time

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