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                                                                                                                                                                 Last updated 12 January, 2014 > site map > vertical patch liner repairs                                                    

Patch Lining Downspouts

downspout patch repairsWe can access specific defects using patch lining methods which can save relining long lengths of pipe work unnecessarily, it also means we can work between junctions and connections without capping them off and on points of the system where there are changes of internal diameter.

Internal downspouts rarely drop vertically from the roof guttering down to the below ground drainage system and we often find two 45° bends directly beneath the roof line which are known as a swan neck, radius patch repair liners are ideal for sealing these bends.

We often use this method when lining around bends that pass through a parapet wall to an external section of pipe work, the external pipe work can be replaced traditionally but in order to save disruption to the structure of the building patch liners repairs are used.


Modern Roof Downspout Repair

downspout relining repairsModern roof structures often involve a spigot connection dropping loosely into the top of the downspout just below roof level, if the downspout blocks for one reason or another the water will find its way between the loose connection and into the building, as apposed to backing up onto the roof gutter and diverting into another downspout.

Again using patch liner repair methods we can make a seal between the roof structure and the downspout, these repairs will bond different materials together and create a tapered finish between two differing pipe diameters. The image to the right shows such a repair under a pressure test to confirm its effectiveness.


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